Patriots Hit Game Winner At The Buzzer

Original image taken with Microsoft's Photosynth iOS app and then processed via Instagram.

650 Instagrams...

Quick and easy processing + Living in the DC Metro area = over 650 Instagrams photos. I feel like a baseball player* hurdling towards the homerun record.

*No performance enhancing tools (DLSR cameras) were used in the making of these images.

Discovery Comes To DC; 300 Posts & Counting...

I try to keep the text minimal on this site, but I'm thinking this post might be an exception to that rule. It is a nice coincidence that my 300th post is of the Discovery Space Shuttle circling DC airspace in the distance. I had planned on getting a better view of the shuttle from Gravelly Park near DCA, but it turned out a lot of other people had the same idea so I never got there! I was lucky, however, to grab this shot from my car of the shuttle getting a piggyback ride on its way to Dulles. 

So...300 posts??? I think most importantly this means somehow (knock on wood) my iPhone 4 has lasted much longer (close to 15,000 photos, little less than 2 years) than I thought it would. Side note - Dear trusty iPhone 4, Please hold out until the iPhone 5 hits the streets. Much Love, M. Anyways...a good photographer should always take quality over quantity, but I suppose 300 is a nice round number. Next stop...500!

Moutoux Orchard

Moutoux Orchard, a little slice of farming heaven in Loudoun County, VA and source of the best eggs this side of the Mississippi (and probably the other side too!).

Farm Fresh

Straight from the fields of Moutoux Orchard and Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture.